How to Recover When I Fail

This video is encouraging! These marvelous examples of real success are phenomenal, yet we are shown that they too faced failure, adversity, or experiences that could have dampened all their hopes.

May we learn to set our sights on our vision, and to know that we can do what we need to do.

Does this video encourage you?


5 Responses to “How to Recover When I Fail”

  1. Mike Finley Says:

    It’s well done, and it’s true. My only objection is that ordinary, discouraged people will find it difficult to relate to authentic geniuses like Lincoln, Einstein, the Beatles. They were so hypertalented, so above-average, it is hard to imagine them really failing. But that leaves lots of room for the rest of us to be mediocre.

    I had two mentally ill children who each claimed to be “unmotivatable.” They didn;t want money, fame. affiliation, engagement, any of those things. Certainly a video about Lucilla ball would not have gotten through. People hear immense negativity about themselves in their time, and supply even more unbidden. “Motivation” works for a handful of people who are reachable. The rest of us are in darkness. So I am thinking about communication that acknowledges darkness as a fact of life — candor.

  2. Mike Finley Says:

    I am making this up as I go …

    Candor means acknowledging that all efforts “fail” — none achieve permanence, even if you write the Iliad.

    But within that mortality we can all make a difference. better is better than good, and more satisfying.

    This element of satisfaction needs to be impressed upon people. It is not the wishes of Big Employer, Inc. that matters — but what is in the individual heart. Work is always about growth, and garden-tending. Good work is like good hygiene — it keeps us on our toes, and keeps the darkness at bay.

  3. David Bell Says:

    The individual decision IS the only motivational force that can effect action. How else could one explain the ability of a man to resist torture, even to the point of death, and still not reveal anything other than name, rank, and serial number!

    Work, and any other human endeavor, always depends on an individual decision to act. While these decisions can range from excellent to severely flawed, nothing happens without the individual’s move to do SOMETHING. All the more reason to concentrate on making the individual, NOT the organization (company, government, society, etc.), stronger, more intelligent, better equipped, better informed; better.

    • Gary Duke Says:


      One way I try to understand motivation is “motive for action.” Our decisions (our choices), and the resulting actions determine to a large extent our results. Your example of “resisting torture” illustrates an extremely high level of resolve, that many of our “heroes” have modeled for us.

  4. Gary Duke Says:


    Thank you for your thoughts. You always express unique insight, and a compelling communication style. I appreciate you.

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