Past, Present, and Future

Some have classified me as a workaholic, and some as a “Type A Personality”, one who is absorbed substantially by work. And I do a lot of work. Yet, from inside myself, one of my significant problems is “not getting enough important things done.”

Last week’s post talked about letting this blog go too long without an update. My plan for a weekly post is happening right now. As I have reviewed my overdue projects, and routine work, it is clear to me that time is available to accomplish the important things (the priorities), and to address needed things (like this blog) when it is appropriate.

“For the resolute and determined there is time & opportunity.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Looking back at the past, there is much to be learned from experiences (both successes and failures). For the future, I can plan toward my goals, using my vision for where I need to be. But where things get done, is today –in this time– and that is where my focus needs to be sharper, smarter, and applied with greater understanding. It is the seconds, the minutes, the hours of life in front of me that provide the canvas upon which I can create a picture of achievement.

What do you think? Have you managed to change a habit, a process, an ingrained routine to become more productive? Please share your thoughts.


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2 Responses to “Past, Present, and Future”

  1. beth g sanders Says:

    Ah. I’ve basically neglected my own site as well, due to my (perceived) lack of time. You stepped on my toes a bit with this one!

    Can’t say I’ve changed any habits, but I am beginning to get ahead a bit on the backlog of projects and have recently been reminded of the importance of saying “no” to some things in order to be more focused on the things that really do need to get done.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Gary Duke Says:


      Sorry about “stepping on your toes” (BTW, you won’t see me on “Dancing with the Stars” anytime soon).

      You state the problem clearly, “Handling projects well, with all the interruptions and various requests, insuring that the things that gets done are the most important things, along with some of the routine needs.

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