Lack of time is often not a good excuse…



We can probably agree that we “don’t have enough time.”  But, as we know, we each have the exact same allotment of time — it is how we use it that matters.

The excuse that I have been using when I thought about writing a new blog post, is that it made sense for me to complete first a “31-day course to be a better blogger” from one of the best, Darren Rowse.  As I get involved with my work and schedule, I then have used the excuse, “I must put attention on other priorities in my business”, so fulfilling my blogging 31-day course has not happened, and also my blog sits here dormant, without an update.

So, I am writing today to break that cycle.  And I will restart my commitment to write a blog post weekly.  I am not giving up that I should complete the 31-day Blog Course, but I will do it in parallel while posting weekly (new goal to finish my course is October 20, 2009).

It is important to “manage by priorities.”   But it is also important to realize when something that is of significant value, though not at the top of the priority list, is being delayed too long and take action to correct it.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger (or a better one), please check out Darren Rowse’s book”


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3 Responses to “Lack of time is often not a good excuse…”

  1. Dave Barger Says:

    I love the authenticity of your post. I’m also honored to have been higher on the priority as I was just reflecting yesterday about how you have taken the moments to provide me with awesome information. I appreciate your consideration and time. You’ve been fantastic, and genuine.

    Even the weekly commitment can be daunting. Best wishes on meeting that goal. I look forward to seeing your next post in about a week. TGIF!

    • Gary Duke Says:

      Thank you, Dave. I sent this to a few bloggers and mentors that I trust and from whom I am learning. You are definitely high on that list.

  2. Bob Says:

    Yeah, I would agree with Dave to the point that commitment can be daunting. For me, I look at folks like Darren Rowse at times and wonder why can’t I write as much or have as many subscribers. But then I realize that I’m not him and most bloggers aren’t and will never be at that level. I think as long as what you’re doing fits your schedule and fits with what you want to achieve long-term then its good. Be the best Gary blogger and find your niche and you’ll be successful.


    PS – I tried the 31 day course too and didnt make it past day 1 either…haha

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