Applying New Ideas…

As I struggle often in this quest to “Change Habits”, I am reading as much as I can to understand the process and how I can achieve the result I am working to achieve.

Some of what I had just read encouraged me to write a plan to include the why, what, who, and how of my method.  As I began, I read a blog on “mind mapping”, which I had briefly tried once in the past.  This time the author suggested the tool from   I am still new to it, but the result is a visually interesting image of what I entered into the map (benefits, measurement, and achievement that is available, if I will transform my misstep into a new habit and integrate it into my life).

If you wish to try mindmapping for yourself, the tool at seems to work well.

Let’s see if a visual chart will help keep my focus more intent on my goal.



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